U.S. house speaker John Boehner says he's nudged former Florida governor Jeb Bush on presidency

So I'm moving here from Wikipedia, because apparently Wikipedia is not a blog or whatever. Oh well. Anyway, does it look like I give a damn who president 45 of the U.S.S.R. (United States of Soviet Russia) might be? Or even that he might be the brother of president 43 and the son of president 41? Please. I just got kicked out of an online reference work. Don't you think I have other things on my mind? Like figuring out how in fuck I'm gonna make a blog on this crazy-ass Wikidot wiki bsite? (Don't get me wrong. I actually really like this Wikidot wiki bsite. Too bad it's a piece of shit.)

What? Didn't you hear? The term "website" is outdated. Now cool people like me just say "bsite". You'll get used to it. Like I got used to the fact that the internet is now called the internship.

By the way, it should look like I give a damn, because actually I do.

  • Marco Rubio = Mitt Romney, bc
    • republican (no. I don't cap no party names)
    • same initials
    • Olduvai Gorge-ous
  • Jeb Bush = Mitt Romney, bc
    • republican (still don't cap no party names)
    • former governor
    • Olduvai Gorge-ous

Gonna be tight, y'all!

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